Thursday, March 20, 2014

Teen Wolf 3.23 Recap "Insatiable"

Previously on Teen Wolf: Stiles barfed himself up. WTF.

Isaac and the Murder Twins are bug-exterminated by Dr. Deaton. He literally shoves his hands down their throats and pulls out tiny flies. Couldn’t they just wait for the flies to exit out the backdoor?! Deaton, Kira and Allison discuss; the whole fly-possession thing was pointless plot device to fill in 30 minutes, since Teen Wolf only requires like 10 minutes of actual plot and action. The rest is all slow-mo and backflips.

Cut to Stiles being examined by Melissa . He’s wearing Scott’s shirt, and he’s in Scott’s bed and I’m super happy.  Melissa checks his vitals; apparently he’s a real person despite materializing out of the floor. They’re pretty sure this Stiles is Original-Recipe Stiles, on account of the fact that he’s not stabbing anybody in the stomach. Stiles invites Mrs. Yukimura and the Oni for a second opinion. Kira’s like, “Stop. You’ll get stabbed with swords.” I love Kira. Still, no worries. They brand him with the ‘self’ kanji.

Lydia is currently in Oak Creek, chilling with the ghosts. The Nogitsune pops up and we’re treated to the Jeff Davis specialty, pseudo-rape torture scenes! Joy!

Kira and her mom play Go. It’s super important because Scott and Lydia saw Stiles playing against the Nogitsune. It’s also super important because apparently information has to be shared in the most confusing, cryptic and time-consuming way possible. Kira isn’t buying the BS.

Sheriff Stilinski sits in his office, regretting his entire life. Deputy Parrish pops up, and offers to bring the Sheriff some coffee. Instead of saying thanks, he questions Parrish on why he decided to transfer to Beacon Hills, with the entire city, especially the Sheriff’s office basically being a huge Hunger Games arena. Parrish says he was “drawn” to Beacon Hills. Also, the TPTB decided that there can never be too many white dudes. Scott pops up with Original Recipe Stiles, and the Stilinskis share a bone-crushing, heartbreaking hug. Tears all over my keyboard. They discuss the Lydia sitch; what would the Nogitsune do with Lydia. Scott says something random about ‘the whole story’, and Stiles gets an epiphany. Remember the telephone girl from Eichen House? She might be a banshee.

Derek and Chris also hug it out, albeit only metaphorically. They agree to blame the Nogitsune for everything, because they love each other too much to ever try to burn each other alive. Sidebar: Derek is still wearing the thumbhole sweater. God Bless.

The Sheriff pops over to Eichen House, to look for Meredith. They go over to the closed ward; Meredith was moved there because she couldn’t stop screaming. The crazy sadistic orderly dude talks about how they sedated her with such Ted Bundy-like joy. Eichen house is legit the sketchiest place on earth. Why did Stiles not google that shit before he locked himself in? Anyway, Meredith manages to escape, by stealing the keys.
The Murder Twins do a Hansel and Gretel and wander off into the woods. Only instead of a cannibalistic  grandmother, they get shot with an assload of wolfsbane bullets. Derek piggybacks them to safety; they hide out in the Malia’s coyote crib.

Allison and Isaac find Lydia’s car. They sniff her out, apparently Lydia smells like a combination of genius, fabulous and sheer rage. They sit in the car and talk about their 50 Shades of Gray-esque night together, and Allison asks if he was Isaac, or Flysaac. Isaac says it was the real deal, and they share a super cute moment. Allison looks out the window and remembers how Scott would leave messages on her car window. She breathes on the glass, and Lydia’s message comes to light. “Don’t Find Me.”

Lydia is still chilling down in Oak Creek, getting tortured by the Nogitsune. He presses up against her, smells her face and basically gets all up in her grill, while droning on and on about how he’s hungry for feelings, and how insatiable he is. He kidnapped Lydia so he could eat her despair. Gettin’ real-tired of all these torture/rape scenes. Any future Stydia scene will forever be tainted by this weird horrorfest crap.

Back at school, Finstock wastes the few precious minutes of his students’ lives before they are inevitably turned into human sacrifices or burned alive, by raging into his phone regarding his ER bill from when he got poked by an arrow. Finstock: “$10,000? What’d you do, pull out the arrow and fill the hole with diamonds?” For reals. He lectures his students about  the whole healthcare thing, when Danny points out the stranger danger in class. It’s Meredith, filling in the Beacon Hills High psycho quota. They try to ask her what she’s doing there when the orderlies show up, carrying syringes and tasers. Jesus Christ. Kira tells Coach not to send Meredith away, because Lydia. Coach is like, who are you? He doesn’t have time for noobs.

At Casa Mccall, Stiles wakes up shivering with major crazy eyes. Scott pops up because of their telepathic brother bond. Stiles is super cold and in much pain, and he puts on Scott’s jacket, over Scott’s shirt and sits on Scott’s couch. Scott tries to cuddle him better. My feels.

Meredith heads to the music room to talk to the piano strings. She politely asks them to speak louder and enunciate more, because they legit sound Elvish. Ted Bundy shows up with his trusty old taser, and it looks like Meredith’s caught. Finstock comes to the rescue, and tasers the shit out of Ted Bundy, citing the no-bullying policy. Scott, Kira and Stiles usher her out, and bring her to Scott’s house.

In the Argent’s apartment, Allison is being her general BAMF self, and fixing guns and artillery. Chris pops up; congratulations Allison, it’s hunter graduation! He offers to help her make silver bullets engraved with the Argent family crest. Cooking bullets kinda look like cooking porridge. Allison feels more like making silver arrowheads, because the bow is her weapon. Argent is super proud of his strong, brave, bad-ass daughter. Allison tells him that she loves him, and she is proud of them. It’s a touching scene, and beautifully acted. It’s nice to see how far the Argents have come through the seasons.

Scott, Isaac, Stiles and Meredith head over the Scott’s house, where Agent Sperm Donor Mccall is chilling. FBI Agents sure have flexible hours despite the multiple murders and general carnage. Stiles tries to pass of Meredith as his girlfriend, but he’s not her type. Her type is Isaac. Stiles is like, “Isaac can come too.” #Openminded is on screen, and I laugh for years. The threesome head upstairs, and they try to figure out how to contact Lydia.

Meanwhile, Agent Mccall drops a truthbomb on Scott. My ‘ScottnStiles are real bros’ train is derailed, since Agent Mccall;s secret is super basic. the reason Agent Mccall left is because he was an alcoholic asshole. He basically pushed Scott down the stairs, and he hit his coconut hard on the hardwood stairs. Scott calls shenanigans, basically he hits his head a lot and he can heal, but he’s only ever had one dad, and he was never there for him.

Stiles and Isaac debate on whether to psychologically torture Meredith. I love antagonistic Isaac and Stiles. They’re like angry territorial cats. Meredith hears an imaginary phone ring, and Stiles hand his phone over. The spirits have spoken, and they say, “coup de foudre.” Lydia is at Oak Creek.

On the Argent homefront, Allison is making her arrowheads, but she’s missing something. She gets the memo from Scott to meet them at Oak Creek. Meanwhile, best bros Derek and Chris Argent bring the Murder twins into a shadowy location that might either be an abandoned murder house, or Derek’s loft. TBH, Derek’s loft basically is a murder house. Derek shows Chris the bullet shell casings, it’s not Mexican hunter Araya, but Chris Argent knows.

Mrs. Yukimura and her Oni bitches stalk into Oak Creek. She’s such a BAMF I hope they don’t kill her off. Stiles, Scott and Isaac are in the jeep, and ScottnStiles are having a moment, worrying about each other. Because Isaac is a territorial cat, he ruins it by calling Stiles out on his corpse-bride appearance. Stiles tells them to basically kill the Nogitsune if they have a chance, never mind the fact that they might kill him too. He remembers everything he did when he was possessed, and he doesn’t care anymore. Such tortured soul, much manpain. I just want to wrap Stiles up into a blanket burrito and cuddle him better.

Everyone is  finally at Oak Creak, and the action happens. The Nogitsune breaks Mrs. Yukimura’s foxtail knives and steals the Onis. They’re his bitches now. Isaac, Kira and Allison fight the Oni and the Nogitsune, while Stiles and Scott rescue Lydia. Lydia goes cray-cray when they rescue her; she’s told them not to find her, because she knows something bad is going to happen.

Isaac gets stabbed repeatedly, but they’re chill, because he’s a werewolf. Allison shoots an arrow at the Oni and takes it down. It’s a shortlived victory, cause she gets poked in the chest by a sword. She dies in Scott’s arms, telling him he’s the love of her life. Isaac looks on from the background ( In hindsight, and without all the tears clogging my vision, this kind of feels like Eleven’s regeneration scene in Doctor Who. Isaac is Clara.)

It was hard for me to write this recap because I was in such a deep state of denial and shock at her death. I was utterly wrecked from Allison’s death. I kind of always knew it would be Allison who died this season, because (a)she’s a woman, (b) she was massively underused this season; but that did not make it any easier to say goodbye. I loved Allison, she’s always been one of my favorite female characters of all time, and I was not ready to say goodbye. She was such a strong, complex character, and her story arc from a sweet, innocent girl into a fierce warrior angel was one of the best things about Teen Wolf. I have mixed feelings, and I get that Crystal Reed wanted to leave. I’ll miss seeing her face on my screen, but I hope she pulls a Colton Haynes and gets cast on a primetime superhero show (she’s is my dream Kate Bishop.) It’s bittersweet; Allison died following the code she created, protecting her friends, dying in the arms of the boy she loved. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Maze Runner Official Trailer 2014

It's finally here! The official trailer of The Maze Runner has finally been released on the web! Control your feels, gladers!

Check it out here:

The Maze Runner is based on the bestselling book by James Dashner, which is about a post-apocalyptic world where a group of boys are stuck inside a maze. When Thomas wakes up in a lift, he has no memories except for his name. But he is not alone. When the lift's doors open, he finds himself surrounded by other kids (all male) who also do not remember anything. All they know is that every thirty days a new boy is delivered into the lift. They live in the Glaze, a large expanse surrounded by stone walls. Every morning, the walls to the maze open, but every night they are shut tight. The Gladers don't know what's out there, except that it's dangerous and that no one wants to be out during the night. But the next day, things change when a girl is sent inside the Glade. And the message she delivers makes the Maze seem even more unsolvable.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.02.21 PM

Directed by: Wes Ball
Release Date: September 19, 2014
  • Dylan O'Brien as Thomas
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt
  • Kaya Scodelario as Teresa
  • Will Poulter as Gally
  • Ki Hong Lee as Minho
  • Blake Cooper as Chuck
  • Aml Ameen as Alby
  • Alexander Flores as Winston
  • Jacob Latimore as Jeff 
  • Chris Sheffield as Ben
  • Dexter Darden as Frypan
  • Randall D. Cunningham as Clint
  • Joe Adler as Zart
  • Patricia Clarkson as Chancellor Ava Paige

What did you guys think of the trailer? Are you as excited as I am? I'm now off to reread the books before the movie officially comes out!

Once Upon a Time season 3, episode 13 recap: Witch Hunt

Our full recap of tonight's all new Once Upon a Time episode, "Witch Hunt".


The Wicked Witch is happily settling in Regina's castle, as she goes through Regina's jewelry and even her clothes. Beyond the borders of the protection spell, Regina suggests they use the tunnels underneath the castle to get inside. A flying monkey attacks again,  and Regina saves Robin Hood's son by turning the monkey into a stuff toy. A cute moment.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Teen Wolf 3.22 Recap “Afterbirth"

Previously on Teen Wolf, Kira’s mom is a total 900-year old cougar who summoned the nogitsune to get revenge on scumbag white people. Surprise, Jeff Davis manages to blame the season’s Big Bad on a woman yet again.  The nogitsune is actually a fly, buried under the Nemeton, and was woken up when Allison, Scott and Stiles took their weird ice bath voodoo schtick.  The Sheriff, Derek, Chris and Allison track down Stiles, only to find him in Derek’s loft, as fear-boner inducing as always.

Stiles is standing in the middle of Derek’s Spartan loft (seriously, there is no furniture where does he sleep. Is his loft just a place for angsty push-ups or teen ragers?), when Sheriff Stilinski approaches him, holding out handcuffs. If Stiles is still in there, the Sheriff is totes sure he’ll put on the cuffs for everyone’s safety. Stiles agrees, and allows his dad to cuff him. Syke.  Stiles gets real strong real fast, and breaks free. Everyone else shows up, and tries to attack him individually. And now, the long-awaited Sterek scene of the season, wherein Stiles lovingly  kicks Derek’s ass. I was hoping for at least some light groping as he tossed him into the wall.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Once Upon a Time season 3, episode 12 recap: The Savior Returns

OUAT is finally back after 4 months of waiting, and this time there are more twists and turns! I thought this was a fantastic episode, and though there were some questionable and timey whimey scenes, the episode was still very well-written and at par with its normal standards. The twists and turns still seemed more rational rather than absurd. I also especially loved the character interactions and development on this episode.


Emma and Henry are leading normal lives in New York. They don't remember ANYTHING about their past, but they seem pretty happy about it. Emma is on a date with this seemingly regular and normal guy named Walsh. He seems like the perfect guy for Emma Swan and for Henry, who he gets along with. He takes Emma to the restaurant of their first date and preps to pop the question. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Suits 3.11 "Buried Secrets"

Suits 3.11 Buried Secrets
The mid-season premiere of Suits picks up right where we left off with the summer finale. It’s set the morning after, where everyone seems to be stable and happy – for now.

The episode opens with a gratuitous upshot of Rachel’s legs. She and Mike are finally happy and in love, and they decide to move in together, in the apartment Mike bought for his dead grandma. It’s all super cute and everything, and their banter is especially adorable when Rachel rightfully disses Mike’s fugly furniture.

On the other side of New York, Harvey and Scottie DTR. Harvey wants Scottie in his life, and they discuss relationship using adorable breakfast metaphors and making out. Barely 4 minutes into the episode, and like a truckload of making out. Harvey figures that the only way to keep Scottie is to offer her a job at Pearson-Hardman  Darby Specter, without consulting reigning HBIC, Jessica Pearson.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Glee Recap 5.10 "One Three Hill"

This week's episode of Glee begins with Schuester and Bambi copulating in the faculty bathroom when Becky walks in on them after she hears loud thrashing. Quite a disturbing way to start an episode. The two are summoned to Sue's office and they admit to having sex all over the school - EW just EW. Bambi claims that there are windows of time where fertilization is most likely (whatever that is) and they apparently come by during any time so now is the best time to do the deed so they could finally conceive. Of course Becky is permanently scarred, like the rest of us. Sue's face when she finds out they're trying to get pregnant just embodies all my thoughts about this storyline. 

"Oh God. Why?" she whispers. Definitely one of my favorite quotes of this episode is when Sue says that she understands that pheromones could cause some women to want to copulate with "man children with butt chins who befriends teenagers and can't rap." Shining moment of this episode and pretty much articulates how I feel about Bambi/Buttchin wanting to procreate. Emma then mentions that she only needs to put her feet up on the table as they had a "successful emission" and that's it, I'm out! That is by far the most disturbing thing on this show after Sam's face and that horrible Christmas episode, and that is saying a lot. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kimi's 10-Day TV Challenge

I am pretty ashamed to say this, but one of the reasons why I decided to create this blog is because I don't watch too much TV.

I know that sounds pretty absurd because why would I create a TV blog if I don't watch TV too much? Well, the thing is, I LIKE TV. No I don't just like it, I actually LOVE it.

But there are just so many other things to do I get distracted and tend to focus on other stuff. I have a lot of hobbies, but I tend to get sidetracked and forget to do things. I'm a horrible multi-tasker and I can be obsessed about one thing at a time, and then another thing the next day. I'm pretty weird that way.

So, TV! How will having a blog make me become a better TV watcher? Let me give an example. As you all know, I also own Geeky Chiquitas, which is a book blog. I love reading but I used to read only about one book per month when I have school, as I usually got really tired and would spend most of my free time resting. When I opened the book blog, my reading boomed and the books I read per month quickly escalated to about 10 books, even when I did have school. It's only been 2 months, but I'm already into 20 books! Awesome, huh?

This is the same results I am vying for with my TV blog. I have downloaded a LOT of shows but I haven't started on ANY. My problem with TV is that when I watch a show I get addicted and it's the only show I want to watch! I mean, I can't simply move on to another. And I'm horrible at watching two shows at the same time - which is why I'm never updated. I can't do the thing other people do wherein they watch episodes of different shows every week. It's too confusing for me to keep track of the shows and their showing times. I am much better at marathon-ing a show in one go. That is what I hope to correct with this blog.

Therefore, I have come up with the 10-DAY TV CHALLENGE!

I have a list of shows which my sister, Jami, has compiled for me. These are the shows which I have to watch in time for their season premieres, and shows which I have to watch just because.

I have 10 Days to finish each series, regardless of the number of seasons and episodes and running time. And there will be NO CHEATING, and I will be as honest as ever. I will be documenting this challenge by posting updates on what I'm currently watching on this blog every first day and 10th day. This should be fun! :)

March 6 - March 16: Teen Wolf
March 16 - 26: Orphan Black
March 26 - April 5: Game of Thrones
April 5 - April 15: Community
April 15 - April 25: Misfits
April 25 - May 5: Suits
May 5 - May 15: Sleepy Hollow
May 15 - 25: Arrested Development

You can join in the 10-DAY Challenge too! You don't have to watch the same shows I do, but you can join the fun by dedicating 10 days to finish a show which you have long wanted to see but just didn't have the time. Let me know what shows you're watching! Comment below! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teen Wolf Recap 3.21 “How I Met Your Nogitsune”

Teen Wolf Recap 3.21 “How I Met Your Nogitsune”

Teen Wolf this week is basically really long, really convoluted history porn. Although this episode is ways off from the quality of earlier ones like ‘Riddled’, granted it’s a huge improvement from last week’s sexy mental hospital debacle, the only redeeming quality of which was Dylan O’Brien’s butt in sweatpants. Sexy WWII detainment camp works much better.

The episode opens in 1943, with two dudebro soldiers cracking riddles while getting rid of dead bodies. Classing bonding moment. The Nogitsune pulls a Jesus and rises up from the pile of dead bodies, shoots one dudebro, and kills the other by ripping off his head. That’s one way to start an episode.
“What has a neck, but no head? LOL.”

TV Sweet Potatoes KICK OFF POST

TV Sweet Potatoes is an imprint of Geeky Chiquitas, a brand of blogs founded by me, composed of the GCQ main blog (a book blog) and now the newly launched TV blog, TV Sweet Potatoes! :)

I recruited my sister, Jami, who is a big TV junkie, to create this blog with me, and post awesome TV shiz.

We decided to make this blog as we realized how affected we are about our shows that it's about time we actually wrote about them.

So what to expect on this blog?

Basically: FEELS.

A lot of sad happy angry feels. We will flail and we will cry and there will be a lot of rants and some sarcasm and maybe a few sweet potatoes as well

Oh and of course, we'll post RECAPS and SCREENCAPS and REVIEWS. Forgot to mention that.

Shows to watch out for: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, Community, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Glee and more!!!

Follow us:

Twitter: @tvsweetpotatoes; @geekychiquitas

Stay tuned!