Sunday, March 9, 2014

Suits 3.11 "Buried Secrets"

Suits 3.11 Buried Secrets
The mid-season premiere of Suits picks up right where we left off with the summer finale. It’s set the morning after, where everyone seems to be stable and happy – for now.

The episode opens with a gratuitous upshot of Rachel’s legs. She and Mike are finally happy and in love, and they decide to move in together, in the apartment Mike bought for his dead grandma. It’s all super cute and everything, and their banter is especially adorable when Rachel rightfully disses Mike’s fugly furniture.

On the other side of New York, Harvey and Scottie DTR. Harvey wants Scottie in his life, and they discuss relationship using adorable breakfast metaphors and making out. Barely 4 minutes into the episode, and like a truckload of making out. Harvey figures that the only way to keep Scottie is to offer her a job at Pearson-Hardman  Darby Specter, without consulting reigning HBIC, Jessica Pearson.

“Eggs with a dash of ‘Scottie I want you in my life.”

Understandably, she’s not too happy about the rash decision. Jessica asks Harvey is the reason he wants Scottie in the firm is because he wants her in his pants. Harvey skirts the issue, and Jessica is super unimpressed. Gina Torres is legit the best thing about this show, I would give away my firstborn for an hour of her just lawyer-ing an emotionally stunted manchild.  Eventually, she agrees to let Scottie work there, but with a catch. $500,000 worth of a catch.

“It is literally my business.”

Ah, Louis, you and your bordering-on-fetishist relationship with your Dictaphone will never stop being funny. Louis is pondering on what Mike’s missing Harvard file means. His theories range from CIA conspiracies to missing testicles. His entire monologue is super hilarious, especially the whole frat-boy impersonation. Louis is honestly one of the characters I’ve grown to love over the course of the seasons; and I’m intrigued to see how him Mike’s secret will affect him.

After Jessica drops the $500,000 bomb; Harvey and Scottie DTR part II. Scottie admits that she’s scared, not confident enough to bet half a million dollars on their relationship. Harvey’s super committed, but not ready to put a ring on it. Scottie doesn’t want a ring, she wants an office, and the possibility of her name on the door. She doesn’t want to buy in to the firm just to be stuck working with a future ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Louis goes to Donna to confront her about the Mike Situation. Donna uses her mad poker face, and bullshits super hard to convince Louis he’s being paranoid. Obvie, she’s in on the secret, and tells him to request a copy of his transcript, something their friendly neighborhood hacker helped them secure. Donna is my favorite.

In other news, Mike comes head to head with Nick Rinaldi, the scum-sucking douchebag who defended the drunk driver who killed his parents when he was a little kid. He’s out for blood, but is basically a toothless shark, comes deposition time; he freezes and needs Harvey to bail him out. The cases is just too similar to the one with his parents, and he flashes back to the day Mike sees Rinaldi haggle his grandmother into settling his parent’s case to the equivalent of a year’s rent.

My name is Mike Ross, you killed my father undervalued my parents’ life settlement, prepare to die.”

Rachel comes over to the firm to deliver dinner, and she’s basically a cookie-cutter perfect girlfriend. Mike tells her the whole story, how his dad was taking his mom out to celebrate the anniversary of their first date. Because he was being a whiny brat, he didn’t say goodbye to his parents before they left. It’s a wonderful look into why Mike hates Rinaldi so much, it’s more than just the whole settlement issue, it’s also about the guilt he feels. It’s hard to see this side of Mike. He’s so blinded by his grief and thirst for revenge, that he forgets that this case isn’t about him or Rinaldi, but about their clients. He effectively turns into the Rinaldi-type of lawyer, someone who doesn’t care about who gets in the way of what he wants.  Rachel comforts him by helping him out with the case.

I love Rachel, and all that, but I wish they would have expanded her role beyond token movie girlfriend. I know that Rachel is brilliant, driven and a wonderful lawyer, but so far I’ve yet to see her in action. The few scenes we’ve seen her in this episode is usually her half-naked, or being the perfect girlfriend. Whatever happened to her whole law school thing? I wish she could have a storyline beyond being Mike’s receptacle for his manpain.  I have the same issue with Donna. She’s awesome and her relationship with Harvey is complex and entertaining, but I wish they’d develop their characters outside of their relationships with their male counterparts.

While Mike and Rachel team up to destroy Rinaldi, Scottie proves herself to Jessica by one-upping Harvey; landing a big time client even he couldn’t. Enter Michael Phelps, who I almost couldn’t recognize due to his pedophile/dealer ‘stache. Scottie turns up the charm and lands Phelps and Speedo for the firm.
Mike and Rinaldi go head-to-head, when Mike threatens to use a Facebook photo of the dead man having a sip of alcohol post-operation, against doctor’s warnings. Low blow, dude. Rinaldi retaliates by dropping a bombshell. Turns out Mike’s dad was guilty of the same thing; he had two drinks earlier that night. It was the reason Rinaldi was able to get Mike’s grandmother to settle.

“Congratulations, you just became me.”

It’s a pretty ironic scene to watch; Mike paints Rinaldi as the bad guy for taking advantage of a family’s grief to win a case, when it’s exactly what he’s doing right now. Mike is tip-toeing the grey area, and because he’s too blinded by his personal vendetta against Rinaldi, he can’t see how close he is to the edge. By pointing his fingers at Rinaldi, he effectively becomes the villain.

After talking it over with Rachel, Mike offers Rinaldi a way out, he refuses to settle but paints a target on the pharmaceutical company. It was an effort but something the old Mike would never have done. Rinaldi states that it’s a half-measure, and it is. The right thing to do would be to take the settlement; it’s something that the victim’s family deserves, and the same thing Mike wanted years ago. Slowly, Mike is turning into Harvey, hard, cynical and doing whatever it takes to win.

Jessica lays down the law, even though they landed Phelps, the firm has gone through like, 3 divorces, and instability. Jessica talks about trust; for a partnership to work, Harvey needs to trust her decisions and accept that she knows what’s best for the firm. Jessica is still reluctant about Scottie’s commitment to both Harvey and Pearson-Specter.  Harvey tells Scottie Jessica’s ultimatum; Scottie is in, but she can’t represent any Pearson-Specter clients if she leaves, even Phelps, but she no longer has to front the buy in. Scottie’s not buying it, and neither am I. Side-eying Harvey so hard. Turns out, Harvey paid the $500,000 behind her back. He basically Pretty Woman’d her, and she’s super pissed. They decide to DTR part III, starting with being honest with each other.

Louis receives Mike’s transcripts and it seems like all is well, unless he notices a mistake. Mike supposedly received an A+ from a professor who doesn’t believe in giving out anything higher than an A. Whoop, there it is. The whole Louis finds out thing is pretty anti-climactic, since everyone and their grandmother already knows. Oh Louis, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

The episode ends with Mike and Rachel moving into his dead grandma’s apartment, and celebrating their first date with a candlelight picnic. Mike’s dad liked to celebrate the little things, and so should they. Complete with furniture negotiations and a panda painting. They remain the cutest couple ever.

Other highlights:
-Jessica: “It is literally my business.” LOL.
-Sheila and Louis have some pretty kinky sex. Watching it happen is supremely awkward and disturbing. I can’t look away. He certainly Litt Up her world. Also, she calls his disco stick “The Dark Knight.” Please God, I hope there won’t be a roleplay scene.

“The Dark Knight Rises.”

-Donna’s face after Louis shows up post-Sheila. I am Donna, and Donna is me.