Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kimi's 10-Day TV Challenge

I am pretty ashamed to say this, but one of the reasons why I decided to create this blog is because I don't watch too much TV.

I know that sounds pretty absurd because why would I create a TV blog if I don't watch TV too much? Well, the thing is, I LIKE TV. No I don't just like it, I actually LOVE it.

But there are just so many other things to do I get distracted and tend to focus on other stuff. I have a lot of hobbies, but I tend to get sidetracked and forget to do things. I'm a horrible multi-tasker and I can be obsessed about one thing at a time, and then another thing the next day. I'm pretty weird that way.

So, TV! How will having a blog make me become a better TV watcher? Let me give an example. As you all know, I also own Geeky Chiquitas, which is a book blog. I love reading but I used to read only about one book per month when I have school, as I usually got really tired and would spend most of my free time resting. When I opened the book blog, my reading boomed and the books I read per month quickly escalated to about 10 books, even when I did have school. It's only been 2 months, but I'm already into 20 books! Awesome, huh?

This is the same results I am vying for with my TV blog. I have downloaded a LOT of shows but I haven't started on ANY. My problem with TV is that when I watch a show I get addicted and it's the only show I want to watch! I mean, I can't simply move on to another. And I'm horrible at watching two shows at the same time - which is why I'm never updated. I can't do the thing other people do wherein they watch episodes of different shows every week. It's too confusing for me to keep track of the shows and their showing times. I am much better at marathon-ing a show in one go. That is what I hope to correct with this blog.

Therefore, I have come up with the 10-DAY TV CHALLENGE!

I have a list of shows which my sister, Jami, has compiled for me. These are the shows which I have to watch in time for their season premieres, and shows which I have to watch just because.

I have 10 Days to finish each series, regardless of the number of seasons and episodes and running time. And there will be NO CHEATING, and I will be as honest as ever. I will be documenting this challenge by posting updates on what I'm currently watching on this blog every first day and 10th day. This should be fun! :)

March 6 - March 16: Teen Wolf
March 16 - 26: Orphan Black
March 26 - April 5: Game of Thrones
April 5 - April 15: Community
April 15 - April 25: Misfits
April 25 - May 5: Suits
May 5 - May 15: Sleepy Hollow
May 15 - 25: Arrested Development

You can join in the 10-DAY Challenge too! You don't have to watch the same shows I do, but you can join the fun by dedicating 10 days to finish a show which you have long wanted to see but just didn't have the time. Let me know what shows you're watching! Comment below! :)


  1. Awesome! I like your idea very much, though I don't have the time to do the same! :))

    1. Yeah, if only we had all the time in the world! I can't wait for summer <3 thanks for stopping by, Kim :)